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AFL Quebec
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2015 AFL Quebec season
Sport Australian Football

No. of teams 8
Country  Canada
Most recent
West Island Wooders

AFL Quebec is a 9-a-side Australian Football competition formerly known as the Eastern Canadian Australian Football League or ECAFL. The league has both a men's and women's division and consists of teams predominantly from Montréal and its surrounding areas including two women's teams from Ottawa. Players from the current regular season men's teams (the Old Montréal Dockers, Laval Bombers, Montréal Demons, West Island Wooders) are eligible for selection in the league's 18-a-side representative team the Québec Saints. The Saints participate in the USAFL National Championships Tournament having previously participated in the OAFL Division 2 competition from 2008-10.


The league began on October 4, 2008. After competing in the Toronto-based OAFL 'Rec' footy league, Luke Anderson divided the Québec Saints team into two teams in order to create a locally based 9-a-side competition. The game is played on reduced size football fields (usually Rugby or Soccer fields) and in general is around 100 metres in length. The first match between the Montréal Saints and Laval Bombers was played at Parc Cartier in Laval. The Bombers claimed victory by 8 points.

Dani Anderson tackles Margo Legault - Pointe Claire Power and the Laval Bombers face off in the 2010 ECAFL Grand Final

In 2009 the ECAFL regular season was contested by two teams and consisted of 7 rounds. The team that finished with the best regular season record earned the right to challenge if they lost the Grand Final. The Laval Bombers finished with a 4-3 record claiming first position. The final played at CEGEP Montmorency in Laval saw the Laval Bombers 27.12 (174) defeat the Montréal Saints 2.6 (18). The final score, and winning margin both ECAFL records. Two Bomber's players, Ben Vawser (Australia) and Renaud Carbonnel (France) were awarded the best on ground medallions.

2009 also saw the introduction of women's ECAFL games. The newly formed Montréal Angels (a branch of the Québec Saints) played against and defeated the Toronto Central Blues WAFC and the Montréal Shamrocks GAA women's team. Although there was no official ECAFL Women's Premiership trophy, the champion was determined from the results throughout the season. As such the Angels were installed as ECAFL Women's Champions for 2009.

The 2010 ECAFL season saw the launch of a third Montréal based team, the Pointe Claire Power. The Pre-season cup was contested by a record six teams. The Montréal Saints, Laval Bombers, Pointe Claire Power, Montréal Shamrocks, Ottawa Swans and Ottawa Swans 'A'. For the first time a women's Pre-season cup was also run, contested between the Montréal Angels and Toronto Central Blues WAFC.

The 2010 regular season consisted of five rounds. The Pointe Claire Power finished first in their inaugural season thereby earning direct entry into the 2010 Grand Final. The second placed Montréal Saints played the third placed Laval Bombers in the semi-final. The Bombers emerged victorious by a single goal, kicked with less than thirty seconds left in the match. The Laval Bombers 14.12 (96) defeating the Montréal Saints 13.12 (90). The Grand Final played on the same day was a tight contest with only one point separating both teams at three-quarter time. The Power's fresh legs proved the difference as they overrun the Bombers and claimed victory by 28 points. Nico Pouessel (France) of the Power was and Darrin Haverhoek (Australia) of the Bombers were awarded the best on ground medallions.

AFL Quebec Premiers[edit]

Year Premier Runner-Up Women's Premier Pre-Season Champions Women's Pre-Season Champion AFLQ Leading Goal Kicker
2008 Laval Bombers Montréal Saints N/A N/A N/A Jeff Lavoie - Montréal Saints (5)
2009 Laval Bombers Montréal Saints Montréal Angels Ottawa Swans N/A Cam Stark - Laval Bombers (28)
2010 Pointe Claire Power Laval Bombers Montréal Angels Ottawa Swans Montréal Angels Cam Beaman - Pointe Claire Power (19)
2011 Laval Bombers Montréal Saints N/A Ottawa Swans N/A Christopher Micheletti - Montréal Saints (22)
2012 Laval Bombers Old Montréal Dockers N/A West Island Eagles Montréal Angels Paul Fairbrother - Laval Bombers (22)
2013 Laval Bombers West Island Eagles N/A Ottawa Swans Ottawa Lady Swans Toby Campain - Old Montréal Dockers (27)
2014 West Island Wooders Laval Bombers N.D.G. Devils TBD Montréal Angels Fabio Petosa - West Island Wooders (36)
2015 West Island Wooders Montréal Demons Carelton Warriors Québec Saints New York Lady Magpies Todd Rogers - Laval Bombers (37)

AFL Quebec Individual Awards[edit]

Year League MVP Leading Goalkicker Grand Final B.O.G (AUS) Grand Final B.O.G (World) Pre-season MVP Women's Pre-season MVP
2008 N/A Jeff Lavoie - SNT (5) Jaye Macumber - SNT Jeff Lavoie - SNT N/A N/A
2009 Cam Stark - BOM Cam Stark - BOM (28) Ben Vawser - BOM Renaud Carbonnel - BOM Luke Walsh - SWN N/A
2010 D.Haverhoek - BOM/S.Heath - SNT Cam Beaman - POW (19) Darrin Haverhoek - BOM Nico Poussel - POW Cam Beaman - POW Aimee Leagault - ANG
2011 Paul Fairbrother - BOM Christopher Micheletti - SNT (22) Ryan Oxley - BOM Kyle Graham - SNT Darren Roffey - SWN N/A
2012 R.Shaughnessy - DOC Paul Fairbrother - BOM (22) Paul Fairbrother - BOM Bogdan Rotaru - BOM Chris McLean - SWN Emily Reihl - BOS
2013 Bogdan Rotaru - BOM Toby Campain - DOC (27) Zac Strevens - BOM Chris Wienand - BOM Michael Kozlowski - SWN TBD
2014 Phillip Manassa - WOO Fabio Petosa - WOO (36) Phillip Manassa - WOO Wilfred Houvion - WOO TBD Valerie Moreau - GIA

Current and Former AFL Quebec Teams[edit]

Men's Teams[edit]

Team City Website Active Premierships Pre-season Premierships
Laval Bombers Laval 2008- 5
Old Montréal Dockers Montréal 2012
West Island Wooders (formerly Eagles) Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec 2012- 1 1
Montréal Demons Montréal 2012
Montréal Saints Montréal 2008-2011
Point Claire Power Pointe Claire 2009-2010 1
Ottawa Swans Ottawa 2009- 3
Toronto Rebels Toronto 2011
Montréal Shamrocks GAA Montréal 2009-

Women's Teams[edit]

Team City Website Active Premierships Pre-season Premierships
Montréal Angels Montréal 2009- 2 2
Boston Lady Demons Boston
New York Magpies New York City 2012- 1
Toronto Central Blues Toronto 2009-10
Montréal Shamrocks GAA Montréal 2009-10
N.D.G. Giants (formerly Devils) Montréal 2014- 1
Plateau Eagles Montréal 2014-


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