Eastern Collegiate Women's Hockey League

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Eastern Collegiate Women's Hockey League
Eastern Collegiate Women's Hockey League logo
Established 2003
Association ACHA
Division Women's Division 1
Members 5
Sports fielded Ice Hockey
Region Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

The Eastern Collegiate Women's Hockey League (ECWHL) is an American Collegiate Hockey Association Women's Division 1 club level hockey-only college athletic conference for women's hockey teams.[1] It is one of three ACHA Women's Division 1 conferences, along with the Central Collegiate Women's Hockey Association and the Western Women's Collegiate Hockey League. Primarily, the league has been concentrated in New England and Upstate and Western New York, with eleven of its thirteen members over fourteen seasons based in those areas.

The University of Rhode Island has been the ECWHL's most successful program in conference play, winning nine playoff championships and eight regular season championships in thirteen years. URI and Massachusetts are the only two founding members that have remained in the ECWHL throughout its entire existence, and both have frequently qualified for the ACHA's National Tournament - 12 and 13 times, respectively, while in the ECWHL. However, Northeastern University owns the league's sole ACHA National Championship, as the Huskies defeated the University of Minnesota in the final to win in 2011–12.

Current Membership[edit]

Institution Location Nickname Founded Type Enrollment Colors Primary Facility
University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA Minutemen 1863 Public 27,269 Maroon and White
William D. Mullins Memorial Center
Northeastern University Boston, MA Huskies 1898 Private 24,540 Red, Warm Gray and Black
Matthews Arena
Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA Nittany Lions 1855 Public/State-Related 45,518 Blue and White
Pegula Ice Arena
University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI Rams 1892 Public 15,800 Keaney Blue, Dark Blue and White
Bradford R. Boss Arena
University of Vermont Burlington, VT Catamounts 1791 Public 11,999 Green and Gold
Gutterson Fieldhouse

Former Members[edit]

Notably, four ECWHL members have left the league in order to transition to NCAA varsity status. These alumni programs include Boston University and Penn State in NCAA Division I and Norwich and Canton in NCAA Division III. Penn State re-entered the ECWHL in 2014 with a separate ACHA Division 1 program.

Membership Timeline[edit]

United States Naval Academy State University of New York at Canton University of Vermont Northeastern University University of Connecticut North Country Community College Norwich University Bates College Rhode Island Rams women's ice hockey Penn State Women's Ice Hockey Club University of Massachusetts Amherst University at Buffalo Boston University

Playoff Championship Game Results[edit]

Beginning with the 2006 playoffs, the previous season's champion serves as the host.

Year Champion Score Runner-Up Location
2004 Rhode Island 9–2[2] Massachusetts Kingston, RI
2005 Rhode Island 5–4 (OT) Massachusetts Amherst, MA
2006 Rhode Island 4–2[3] Massachusetts Kingston, RI
2007 Rhode Island 4–1[4] Norwich Kingston, RI
2008 Rhode Island 5–4 (3OT)[5] Massachusetts Kingston, RI
2009 Rhode Island 4–1[6] Massachusetts Kingston, RI
2010 Rhode Island Kingston, RI
2011 Northeastern 6–5[7] Rhode Island Kingston, RI
2012 Rhode Island 4–1[8] Penn State Boston, MA
2013 Massachusetts 2–1[9] Northeastern Kingston, RI
2014 Rhode Island 2–0[10] Massachusetts Amherst, MA
2015 Massachusetts 7–2 Rhode Island Kingston, RI
2016 Massachusetts 4–3 Rhode Island Amherst, MA
2017 Massachusetts 3–0 Rhode Island Amherst, MA

Regular Season Champions[edit]

  • 2003–04 Rhode Island
  • 2004–05 Rhode Island
  • 2005–06 Rhode Island
  • 2006–07 Rhode Island
  • 2007–08 Rhode Island
  • 2008–09 Massachusetts
  • 2009–10 Rhode Island
  • 2010–11 Northeastern
  • 2011–12 Penn State
  • 2012–13 Massachusetts
  • 2013–14 Rhode Island
  • 2014–15 Massachusetts
  • 2015–16 Rhode Island
  • 2016–17 Massachusetts

ACHA National Tournament Appearances[edit]

Appearances made while an ECWHL member. Former conference members are in italics.

School Appearances Years Championships
Massachusetts 13 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 None
Rhode Island 12 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 None
Penn State 4 2004, 2007, 2010, 2015 None
Northeastern 3 2011, 2012, 2013 2012
Buffalo 1 2005 None
Connecticut 1 2007 None
Norwich 1 2007 None

World University Games Selections[edit]

Since 2011, the American Collegiate Hockey Association has supplied players for the United States team at the World University Games women's hockey tournament, held biennially and as part of the multi-sport event for college and university student-athletes.

Year Location Player School Result
2011[11] Erzurum, Turkey Mo Stroemel (head coach) Penn State Fourth Place
Justine Ducie Rhode Island
Lindsay Reihl Penn State
Denise Rohlik Penn State
Heather Rossi Penn State
Katie Vaughan Penn State
Megan Winters Northeastern
2013[12] Trentino, Italy Amanda Abromson Massachusetts Bronze Medal
Cassie Catlow Rhode Island
Chelsea Corell Massachusetts
Alisha DiFilippo Rhode Island
Paige Harrington Massachusetts
Lauren Hillberg Rhode Island
Caleigh LaBossiere Massachusetts
Sarah Oteri Massachusetts
2015[13] Granada, Spain Amanda Abromson Massachusetts Fifth Place
Vicki Bortolussi Massachusetts
Cassie Catlow Rhode Island
Emily Ford Vermont
Paige Harrington Massachusetts
Caleigh LaBossiere Massachusetts
Kristen Levesque Rhode Island
Madison Smiddy Penn State
2017[14] Almaty, Kazakhstan Cassie Dunne Penn State Bronze Medal
Amber Greene Massachusetts
Brittani Lanzilli Massachusetts

Notable ACHA Award Winners[edit]

Year Winner School Award
2004–05 Beth McCann Rhode Island Coach of the Year
2007–08 Beth McCann Rhode Island Coach of the Year
2008–09 Maura Grainger Massachusetts Zoë M. Harris Player of the Year
2009–10 Hayley Kuhn Massachusetts Off-Ice Most Valuable Player
2010–11 Nick Carpenito Northeastern Coach of the Year
2010–11 Danika Korpacz Rhode Island Off-Ice Most Valuable Player
2010–11 Sara Chroman Penn State Community Playmaker
2011–12 Chelsea Dietz Northeastern ACHA Tournament MVP
2011–12 Sam Gouin Massachusetts Off-Ice Most Valuable Player
2012–13 Cassie Catlow Rhode Island Zoë M. Harris Player of the Year
2013–14 Stephanie Hyde Canton Community Playmaker
2013–14 Sam Gouin Massachusetts Community Playmaker
2015–16 Brittani Lanzilli Massachusetts Zoë M. Harris Player of the Year
2016–17 Kelly Watson Penn State Community Playmaker

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