Eastern District, American Samoa

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The Eastern District of American Samoa is shown in red.

The Eastern District is one of the primary districts of American Samoa. It consists of the eastern portion of Tutuila, American Samoa's largest island, plus the island of Aunu'u. The district has a land area of 67.027 km2 (25.879 sq mi) and a 2000 census population of 23,441. It contains 34 villages plus a portion of Nu'uuli village. Among these are Pago Pago, Fagatogo, and Utulei.

Population growth[1]
2010 23,030
2000 23,441
1990 21,175
1980 17,311
1970 15,955
1960 11,137
1950 10,624
1940 6,733

District divisions[edit]

Eastern District is further divided into counties:


It was the Eastern District which in 1935 brought a resolution that requested the establishment of a legislative body (Fono). The district's delegates elected Tuiasosopo Mariota to argue their case. Governor Otto Carl Dowling declined the request, claiming only the U.S. Congress had the right to establish such a legislature. High Talking Chief Tuiasosopo would become one of American Samoa’s most prominent leaders in the mid-1940s. The Governor’s decision was reversed by Governor Vernon Huber in 1948.[2]

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