Eastern District Council

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Eastern District Council
Coat of arms or logo
Wong Kin-pan, DAB
Seats 43 councillors
16 / 43
5 / 43
3 / 43
3 / 43
2 / 43
2 / 43
12 / 43
First past the post
Last election
6 November 2011
Meeting place
Eastern Law Courts Building.jpg
Eastern Law Courts Building, Sai Wan Ho

Eastern District Council is the district council for the Eastern District in Hong Kong. It is one of 18 district council. Eastern District currently consists of 43 members, of which the district is divided into 37 constituencies, electing a total of 37 with 6 members appointed by the Chief Executive. The latest election was held in 2011.

Political control[edit]

Since 1982 political control of the council has been held by the following parties:

Camp in control Largest party Years
No Overall Control Reform Club 1982 - 1985
No Overall Control Reform Club 1985 - 1988
No Overall Control Hong Kong Affairs Society 1988 - 1991
No Overall Control United Democrats 1991 - 1994
Pro-Beijing DAB 1994 - 1997
Pro-Beijing DAB 1997 - 1999
Pro-Beijing DAB 2000 - 2003
Pro-Beijing DAB 2004 - 2007
Pro-Beijing DAB 2008 - 2011
Pro-Beijing DAB 2012 - present

Members represented[edit]

Code Constituency Name Political affiliation Notes
C01 Taikoo Place West CHIU Ka Yin Andrew (Andrew CHIU) Democratic
C02 Taikoo Place East TSE Tsz-kei (Marcus TSE) NPP
C03 Lei King Wan FU Yuen Cheung Alexander
C04 Aldrich Bay NGAN Chun-lim DAB
C05 Shau Kei Wan LO Tip Chun DAB
C06 A Kung Ngam TO Boon Man Daniel Independent
C07 Heng Fa Chuen HO Ngai Kam Stanley FTU
C08 Tsui Wan KWAN Shui Lung DAB
C09 Yan Lam WONG Kin Hing Independent
C10 Siu Sai Wan CHAN Oi-kwan FTU
C11 King Yee LEUNG Kwok Hung David DAB
C12 Wan Tsui KUNG Pak-cheung DAB
C13 Fei Tsui LAI Chi Keong Joseph Civic
C14 Mount Parker WONG Kin-pan DAB
C15 Braemar Hill SHIU Ka-fai Liberal
C16 Tin Hau LEE Man Lung Joey NPP
C17 Fortress Hill LO Wing-kwan Frankie (LO SHAN)
C18 Victoria Park CHOW Kit-bing Jennifer DAB
C19 City Garden HUI Ching On Independent
C20 Provident KWOK Wai-keung FTU
C21 Fort Street HUNG Lin-cham DAB
C22 Kam Ping CHOY So-yuk DAB
C23 Tanner LEE Yu Tai Desmond Liberal
C24 Healthy Village CHENG Chi-sing DAB
C25 Quarry Bay TING Kong-ho Eddie DAB
C26 Nam Fung CHEUNG Kwok Cheong (Howard CHEUNG) Democratic
C27 Kornhill CHAN Kai-yuen Civic
C28 Kornhill Garden LEUNG Siu-sun Civic
C29 Hing Tung HUI Lam Hing FTU
C30 Sai Wan Ho KONG Chack Ho Independent
C31 Lower Yiu Tung HUI Ka Hoo DAB
C32 Upper Yiu Tung CHIU Chi Keung FTU
C33 Hing Man LAU Hing Yeung DAB
C34 Lok Hong LI Chun Chau
C35 Tsui Tak LEE Chun Keung Liberal
C36 Yue Wan CHUNG Shu-kun Christopher (Chris) DAB
C37 Kai Hiu LAM Chui Lin (ALICE)
Appointed members CHAN Hang
CHENG Shing Fung, Baldwin
FONG Choi Peng
LEUNG Chi-kong DAB/FTU [1][2]
LI Hon Shing, Michael

List of chairmen[edit]

Chairman Political affiliation Constituency Took office Left office Notes
Shum Choi-sang Independent Appointed 1 April 1985 30 September 1994
Chan Bing-woon Independent Braemar Hill 1 October 1994 31 December 1999 [3]
Christina Ting Yuk-chee Independent Appointed 1 January 2000 1 January 2012 [4]
Christopher Chung Shu-kun DAB Yue Wan 6 January 2012 28 November 2012 [5]
Wong Kin-pan DAB Mount Parker 13 December 2012 Incumbent [6]


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