Eastern High School, Cardiff

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Eastern High School
Newport Road
Cardiff, CF3 3XG
Coordinates 51°30′55″N 3°7′9″W / 51.51528°N 3.11917°W / 51.51528; -3.11917Coordinates: 51°30′55″N 3°7′9″W / 51.51528°N 3.11917°W / 51.51528; -3.11917
Type Community
Head teacher Armando DiFinizio
Gender Co-educational (male and female)
Age 11 to 16
Medium of language English

Eastern High School (formerly Rumney High School) is an English medium co-educational, community school in the Rumney area of Cardiff, Wales. The school serves the communities of Rumney, Llanrumney, Trowbridge and St Mellons on the eastern side of Cardiff and was opened in the 1950s alongside Llanrumney High School. It is a mixed sex school with 786 children aged 11–16 attending. In 2015, it was Wales' worst performing school in all key indicators. However, under the new senior leadership of Armardo DiFinizio, the school made respectable improvements during the 2015-16 academic year.

Rumney High School was opened in the 1950s as Cae'r Castell School. In 1958 the school was used as one of the venues for the Sixth Commonwealth Games, hosting all seven fencing competitions. The event saw Wales take two bronze medals, in the team sabre and foil events, and several of the competitions were attended by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Charles the future Prince of Wales.[1]

A proposal to close Rumney High School and Llanrumney High School was published by the Cardiff Council on 20 March 2009. A total of 1257 objections were registered during the objection period to 20 May 2009. The proposal was due to be implemented in 2012 but was overturned in mid-2011.[2] Reasons cited include the fact that both of the schools are old and falling into a state of disrepair, the intention is to rebuild one new state of the art high school building on the existing Llanrumney site, with Rumney High School grounds being sold to fund the project. The proposed new school would form a partnership with Cardiff High School and Willows High School, with pupils entering further education at Coleg Glan Hafren, or elsewhere in the city where appropriate.[3]

However these plans were abandoned. Instead Llanrumney High School closed at the end of the 2013 Summer term, with all students being transferred to Rumney High School. Rumney High School itself was renamed Eastern High School in September 2013.[4]


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