Eastern Highway

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Eastern Highway

General information
Length4 km (2.5 mi)
Route number(s) State Route 83
Major junctions
East end Eastern Freeway (M3), Abbotsford
West end Racecourse Road (State Route 83), Parkville
Major suburbsCollingwood, Fitzroy, Carlton
Highway system

Eastern Highway is a 4 kilometre highway with a mix of many arterial roads in inner northern Melbourne, Australia.

Otherwise Known As[edit]

There are a variety of street names which exceed the Eastern Highway status which includes:

  • Alexandra Parade (from Abbotsford to Fitzroy)
  • Princes Street (within Carlton)
  • Cemetery Road (from Carlton to Parkville)
  • Macarthur Road (within Parkville)
  • Elliott Avenue (within Parkville)

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