Central Canada Hockey League Tier 2

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Central Canada Hockey League
Tier 2
Current season or competition:
2016-2017 CCHL Tier 2 Season
CCHL2 Logo Wiki
Countries Canada
Region(s) Eastern Ontario
Commissioner Kevin Abrams
Former name(s)
Founded 1966
No. of teams 16
Championship Barkley Cup
Recent Champions Casselman Vikings (2017)
Headquarters Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Website CCHL2

The Central Canada Hockey League Tier 2 is a Canadian Junior ice hockey league operating in Eastern Ontario. The league is sanctioned by Hockey Eastern Ontario and Hockey Canada. The 16 member team of the league compete for the Barkley Cup and acts as a second tier to the Central Canada Hockey League. Dating back to the 1960s, the league was known until 2015 as the Eastern Ontario Junior B Hockey League.


The CCHL2 was founded in 1966 as the Rideau-St. Lawrence Junior "B" Hockey League. Through a merger with the Upper Ottawa Valley Junior "B" Hockey League and the folding of the Lanark-Renfrew Junior "C" Hockey League, the league had grown to 22 different teams.

For the 2007-08 season, the Kemptville 73's moved from the EOJBHL to the Central Junior A Hockey League. A season later, the EOJBHL sold their franchise rights to the then-owners of the Casselman Stars of the Eastern Ontario Junior C Hockey League and then town of Casselman, Ontario. The new team, the Casselman Vikings, began play in the 2008-09 season.

In May 2009, the league dropped the Junior "B" designation from its name, becoming the Eastern Ontario Junior Hockey League (EOJHL).

For the 2009-10 season, the Carleton Place Kings moved from the EOJHL to the Central Canada Hockey League. The Kings were replaced the same year by the new Almonte Thunder.

In April 2014, the EOJHL Champion Casselman Vikings traveled to Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia to compete in the Eastern Canadian Junior B Championship. Cassleman became the first team west of Atlantic Canada to compete in the Don Johnson Memorial Cup tournament since its inception in 1982. Casselman went 6-0-0 and won the championship.

At the beginning of the 2015-16 season, the league changed its name to the CCHL2 and cut down to 16 teams from 22 teams which saw the removal of the Shawville Pontiacs, Akwesasne Wolves, Gananoque Islanders, Almonte Thunder, Morrisburg Lions, and Gatineau Mustangs.

The CCHL2 consists of two divisions, The Martin Division and Richardson Division. The league offers a 52-game balanced schedule where everyone plays everyone at least once. The two Divisional Playoff champions battle for the Barkley Cup every April.

In March of 2017, the Pembroke Lumber Kings (CCHL) announced the purchase of the Prescott Flyers as their CCHL2 affiliate and relocating the team to Cobden and calling them the Whitewater Kings. Also in March, the Carleton Place Canadians (CCHL) announced the purchase of the Clarence Beavers and relocated them to Carleton Place, naming them the Carleton Place Junior Canadians. The Rockland Nationals of the National Capital Junior Hockey League will relocate to Clarence to fill in for the departed Beavers. The Metcalfe Jets will move to the National Capital Junior Hockey League and in return the Embrun Panthers will move up to the CCHL2.

The teams[edit]

Martin Division
Team Centre Founded CCHL Affiliate 2014-15 Record Points
Alexandria Glens Alexandria 1967 Hawkesbury Hawks 23-14-3 49
Casselman Vikings Casselman 2008 34-4-2 70
Char-Lan Rebels Williamstown 1979 19-20-1 39
Embrun Panthers Embrun 1972 0-0-0 0
Ottawa Canadians Ottawa 1973 Kanata Lasers / Ottawa Jr. Senators 17-19-4 38
Ottawa West Golden Knights Ottawa 1983 Nepean Raiders 23-16-1 47
Richmond Royals Richmond 1968 27-12-1 55
Winchester Hawks Winchester 1971 Nepean Raiders 23-14-3 49
Richardson Division
Team Centre Founded CCHL Affiliate 2014-15 Record Points
Arnprior Packers Arnprior 1965 23-16-1 47
Athens Aeros Athens 1968 17-20-7 41
Brockville Tikis Brockville 1967 Brockville Braves 20-20-4 44
Carleton Place Jr. Canadians Carleton Place 1980 Carleton Place Canadians 20-16-4 44
Perth Blue Wings Perth 1936 10-30-0 20
Renfrew Timberwolves Renfrew 1987 27-9-4 58
Westport Rideaus Westport 1967 Smiths Falls Bears 19-24-1 39
Whitewater Kings Cobden 1971 Pembroke Lumber Kings 33-7-4 70

2016-17 playoffs[edit]

League playdowns[edit]

  Wild Card Series Quarter Finals Semi Finals Carson Memorial Trophy Finals
R4 Athens 2  
R5 Wesport 1  
  R1 Perth 3  
    R4 Athens 4  
  R3 Richmond 4  
  R4 Athens 2  
  R2 Arnprior 3
    R3 Richmond 4  
  M2 Casselman 4
  R3 Richmond 0
M4 Clarence 2  
R5 Winchester 1  
  M1 Ottawa West 4
    M4 Clarence 3  
  M1 Ottawa West 0
  M2 Casselman 4  
  M2 Casselman 4
    M3 Metcalfe 3  

Playoff Champions[edit]

Since there is no National Championship for Junior B hockey in Canada, similar championships are held in Ontario (Sutherland Cup), Western Canada (Keystone Cup), Quebec (Coupe Dodge), and Atlantic Canada (Don Johnson Memorial Cup). Leaving five teams at the end of the year with a claim to being the best Junior B team in Canada.

Each team listed is a division champion, both the league champion and finalists are either "Metro/Valley" or "Rideau/St. Lawrence" Conference champions. Bolded are league champions, Italicized are finalists.

EOJHL D. Arnold Carson Trophy Champions
Year Metro Rideau St. Lawrence Valley
1988 Prescott Falcons Alexandria Glens Renfrew Timberwolves
1989 South Ottawa Canadians Gananoque Platers Char-Lan Rebels Renfrew Timberwolves
1990 Gananoque Platers Alexandria Glens Renfrew Timberwolves
1991 Navan Grads Westport Rideaus Alexandria Glens Renfrew Timberwolves
1992 Westport Rideaus Morrisburg Lions Perth Blue Wings
1993 Athens Aeros Morrisburg Lions Renfrew Timberwolves
1994 Clarence Beavers Athens Aeros Morrisburg Lions Shawville Pontiacs
1995 Metcalfe Jets Gananoque Islanders Winchester Hawks Arnprior Packers
1996 Westport Rideaus Char-Lan Rebels Perth Blue Wings
1997 Metcalfe Jets Gananoque Islanders Kemptville 73's Perth Blue Wings
1998 Metcalfe Jets Westport Rideaus Alexandria Glens Arnprior Packers
1999 Papineau Voisins Westport Rideaus Kemptville 73's Renfrew Timberwolves
2000 Papineau Voisins Westport Rideaus Kemptville 73's Renfrew Timberwolves
2001 Clarence Beavers Gananoque Islanders Kemptville 73's Carleton Place Kings
2002 Ottawa West Golden Knights Brockville Tikis Char-Lan Rebels Goulbourn Royals
2003 Ottawa West Golden Knights Brockville Tikis Alexandria Glens Goulbourn Royals
2004 Metcalfe Jets Brockville Tikis Alexandria Glens South Ottawa Canadians
2005 Ottawa West Golden Knights Westport Rideaus Alexandria Glens Perth Blue Wings
2006 Ottawa West Golden Knights Westport Rideaus Morrisburg Lions Shawville Pontiacs
2007 Gatineau Mustangs Westport Rideaus Alexandria Glens Stittsville Royals
2008 Ottawa West Golden Knights Athens Aeros Alexandria Glens Carleton Place Kings
2009 Ottawa West Golden Knights Gananoque Islanders Alexandria Glens Carleton Place Kings
2010 Ottawa Jr. Canadians Athens Aeros Alexandria Glens Perth Blue Wings
2011 Clarence Beavers Athens Aeros Winchester Hawks Renfrew Timberwolves
2012 Gatineau Mustangs Athens Aeros Casselman Vikings Arnprior Packers
2013 Ottawa Jr. Canadians Athens Aeros Casselman Vikings Renfrew Timberwolves
2014 Ottawa West Golden Knights Gananoque Islanders Casselman Vikings Almonte Thunder
2015 Gatineau Mustangs Prescott Flyers Casselman Vikings Stittsville Rams
CCHL2 Barkley Cup Champions
Year Richardson Martin
2016 Perth Blue Wings Casselman Vikings
2017 Richmond Royals Casselman Vikings

(*) These are missing for one reason or another, there were probably champions in these years, but there is so far no resource that reflects who these champions may be.

Other notable awards[edit]

Gill Trophy Awarded to Rideau Division Playoff Champions
Alex English Trophy Awarded to St. Lawrence Division Playoff Champions
Ottawa Nepean Sportsplex Trophy Awarded to Metro Division Playoff Champions
Carl Foley Trophy Awarded to Valley Division Playoff Champions
John Shorey Cup Awarded to Rideau/St. Lawrence Conference Playoff Champions
Dwaine Barkley Trophy Awarded to Metro/Valley Conference Playoff Champions

Former member teams[edit]

Team Centre Joined Ceased Went to
Akwesasne Wolves Akwesasne, ON 1988 2015 Folded
Almonte Thunder Almonte, ON 2009 2015 Folded
Cardinal Broncos Cardinal, ON 1971 1982 Relocated
Carleton Place Kings Carleton Place, ON 1969 2009 Joined CCHL
Clarence Beavers Clarence Creek, ON 1980 2017 Relocated to Carleton Place
Navan Grads Navan, ON 1974 1991 Joined CCHL
Gananoque Islanders Gananoque, ON 1986 2015 Joined EBJCHL
Gatineau Mustangs Gatineau, QC 2015 Joined QJHL
Kemptville 73's Kemptville, ON 1969 2007 Joined CCHL
Metcalfe Jets Metcalfe, ON 1969 2017 Joined NCJHL
Morrisburg Lions Morrisburg, ON 1971 2015 Joined NCJHL
St. Isidore Eagles St. Isidore, ON 1974 1987 Joined EOJCHL
Shawville Pontiacs Shawville, QC 1986 2015 Folded
South Grenville Rangers Prescott, ON 1982 2013 Re-Branded Prescott Flyers
Spencerville Bruins Spencerville, ON
Prescott Falcons Prescott, ON
Prescott Flyers Prescott, ON 2013 2017 Relocated to Cobden

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