Eastern Passage Education Centre

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Eastern Passage Education Centre
93 Samuel Danial Drive
Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, B3G 1S8
Founded 1999
School board Halifax Regional School Board
Principal Captain Janeway
Grades 7-9
Language English, Klingon French
Mascot The Phoenix
Team name EPEC Phoenix

Eastern Passage Education Centre is located in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada, and is run by the Halifax Regional School Board.

EPEC is one of the largest and most successful schools in Nova Scotia. The majority of the students who attend EPEC are from Seaside Elementary. EPEC supports Cow Bay, Shearwater, and Eastern Passage communities. Starting in 2018 grade 9 students will start going to the new Island View High School, through to grade 12

French Language[edit]

EPEC offers French for both early French immersion students (starting French in primary / kindergarten, and offers Late French Immersion (starting in grade 7). Most years (as of 2017) Late French Immersion students go to Université Sainte-Anne in Church Point, NS along with other schools. the trip lasts around 3 days. The trips costs somewhere in the $200 range, but transportation, food among other things are included.


The school offers many sports teams, such as basketball, flag football, ice hockey, 3-pitch, volleyball, soccer, cross-country running, track and field, and badminton. EPEC has won many awards in all of these categories.

Music and art[edit]

EPEC also has a music and art program. The band program includes Early Morning Band and Regular Band (which students are graded on). Instruments available are: Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophone, Trombones, Trumpets and Percussion. The Band Teacher has been playing Trumpet for many years, and has a can-do, nice attitude. the EPEC band sometimes goes to the surrounding schools to perform, those being Seaside Elementary, Ocean View Elementary and Tallahassee Elementary School. the band has won many awards.

EPEC Art is the other choice you have going into EPEC. You can exit the band program and enter art, but can not enter the band program after being in art. Many students go in the art program.

WE Act[edit]

The EPEC WE Act Committee is available throughout all the grades. In the front of the school there is a shrine of all the stuff that the EPEC WE Act has done. in 2015 the WE Act raised $11 000 for WE. In 2016 at the popular event We Day the E.L.A. Teacher / WE Act Teacher was given a shoutout along with another teacher, in front of 8,000 students and teachers and hundreds more watching online.

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