Eastern Railway (Austria)

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Austrian Eastern Railway
Line number: 118 01
Line length: 67.4 km
Track gauge: 1,435 mm
Voltage: 15 kV, 16.7 Hz
25 kV, 50 Hz AC
Maximum incline: 0.08  %
Minimum radius: 469 m
Maximum speed: 140 km/h
Southern Railway from Graz Hbf
Western Railway from Salzburg Hbf
Wien HbfS1 S2 S3 S60 S80
0.150 Wien Südbf (Ostbahn)
Southern Railway (through Steudel Tunnel)
to Wien Südbahnhof Fbf
1.539 Wien Südbahnhof Spitz
to Laa an der Thaya and Marchegg
2.858 Wien GrillgasseS60
4.766 Wien Zvbf Einfahrgruppe
5.850 Wien Zvbf
7.365 KlederingS60
8.246 Wien Zvbf Abzweigweiche Felixdorf Aspangbahn
9.700 Lanzendorf-RannersdorfS60
13.188 HimbergS60
19.583 GramatneusiedlS60 180 m (AA)
Pottendorfer Linie 180 m above sea level (AA)
26.955 GötzendorfS60 169 m above sea level (AA)
to Fischamend. Pressburgerbahn
freight railway to Mannersdorf am Leithagebirge
30.960 Trautmannsdorf an der LeithaS60
33.207 Üst Götzendorf 2
33.578 SarasdorfS60
36.537 WilfleinsdorfS60
39.724 Bruck an der Leitha West
to Petronell-Carnuntum
41.220 Bruck an der LeithaS60
42.665 Bruck an der Leitha Ost
A4 motorway
46.950 Anschlussbahn (Awanst) Unterwerk
47.415 Abzw Bruck a.d.L. 1to Neusiedl am See
47.665 Parndorf Ort
49.155 Parndorf 180 m above sea level (AA)
51.155 Anschlussbahn (Awanst) Pannonia
to Bratislava-Petržalka
61.095 Zurndorf
66.623 Nickelsdorf 131 m above sea level (AA)
Bratislava–Hegyeshalom railway
187.845 Hegyeshalom
Hegyeshalom–Porpác railway
to Budapest Keleti pu.

The Eastern Railway (German: Ostbahn), formerly also known as the Vienna-Raab railway (German: Wien-Raaber Bahn), is a two-track, electrified railway line that runs from Vienna towards Hungary. The name Eastern Railway refers to several branches of the line as well. The previous western terminus of the railway line in Vienna, Wien Südbahnhof, has been replaced by the new Hauptbahnhof, which allows for continuous east-west traffic and connects the Eastern Railway directly to the Western Railway and Southern Railway.

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