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Eastern Sierra Academy (ESA) is an extremely small (twenty students and four teachers), technology-based, college-preparatory public high school serving the town of Bridgeport, California, United States. In Newsweek magazine's Challenge index ranking of America's 27,000 public high schools, ESA was ranked 19th in the nation based upon its 2004 performance.[1] In 2003, the school was ranked 7th in the nation for its performance in 2002.[2]


Students at Eastern Sierra Academy participate in a curriculum that prepares them for post-secondary education. Parents, students, and school staff all have responsibilities and are accountable to one another in order to have maximum success for each student.

Students are required to master each subject with a "B" or better in order to receive credit for course work. If students cannot maintain this average, they are asked to transfer to another high school in the district. Struggling students are given opportunities for assistance. The school has high API scores and high average SAT scores.

With a student body of twenty and four teachers, ESA has sought other avenues to provide experts in each curricular field: distance learning classes via satellite and internet AP courses. ESA's three staff members teach all core curriculum including AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP Government, AP US History and AP Economics.

Students from the school have given presentations to professional organizations, received awards for their projects, and have presented workshops at conferences.


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