Eastern Sudan States Coordinating Council

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Kassala Province
Eastern Front (sudan) 2.PNG
TypeCoordinating council
Region served
Eastern Sudan
15 members
Official language
Arabic and English
Musa Mohamed Ahmed
Chair of ESSCC
Parent organization
Government of Sudan

The Eastern Sudan States Coordinating Council is a body established by the Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement signed by the Government of Sudan and the rebel Eastern Front in June 2006. [1] It seeks to enhance cooperation between the three eastern states of the Republic of Sudan; Kassala, Red Sea and Al Qadarif. The agreement also established a Eastern Sudan Reconstruction and Development Fund to aid wealth-sharing between the central government and the three states. It requires the President of Sudan to appoint one Assistant to the President from nominees presented by the Eastern Front.

Composition of the council[edit]

The council is composed of the following 15 members:

The three state Governors chair the proceedings of the council on a rotational basis.

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Power-sharing principles of the Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement[edit]

In addition to the establishment of the Eastern Sudan States Coordinating Council and the Eastern Sudan Reconstruction and Development Fund, the peace agreement also allocated the following political positions to East Sudanese people:

Federal level[edit]

  • One Assistant to the President
  • One advisor to the President of Sudan
  • Two Cabinet Ministers and two State Ministers
  • Eignt seats of the National Assembly shall be allocated to the Eastern Front

State level[edit]

  • The Deputy-Governor of Kassala shall be nominated by the Eastern Front
  • The Deputy-Governor of Al Qadarif shall be nominated by the Eastern Front
  • One Minister in the executive of Red Sea state
  • Ten seats in the legislative assemblies of each of the three states