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Eastern Television Network (ETN TV) is a Somali private television channel.


ETN was founded in 2005.[1] Along with the Somali Broadcasting Corporation, it is one of two stations with headquarters in Bosaso, the commercial capital of the northeastern Puntland region of Somalia.[2]

The channel also has a branch in Garowe.[1]


Eastern Television Network airs programs six hours per day.[1]

Its broadcast schedule includes news, cultural, music and sports programming, as well as advertisements.[1]


In 2005, ETN had been decided to make a subsidiary of Somali Broadcasting Corporation in Puntland, he built a 25 kW transmission so that it became signal very clear with 150 kW ERP power for excellent signal.[citation needed] In 2009, when it brought up the newest form, he upgrade to 175 kW ERP so that the signal will be clear and without noise distortions. In 2012, he acquired Universal Television (Somalia) and upgrade to 190 kW ERP which result clear signal and upgrading to High Definition. In 2015, ETN had been now stream via IPTV.[citation needed]


The station is owned by Abdirahman Sheikh.[1]

It has a staff of 17 employees.[1]

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