Eastlake, Chula Vista, California

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Eastlake is a community located in eastern Chula Vista, CA..


Between 1979-1981 the H.G. Fenton Company hired Cadillac Fairview Homes West of Newport Beach to plan, zone, and develop 3,200 acres of land just south of San Diego in the City of Chula Vista. Later, Cadillac Fairview Homes West transferred the project to employees Ron Lane and Dave Kuhn, who formed the Eastlake company and gathered a team to develop the land.

Despite some initial opposition from Chula Vista community leaders, the Eastlake Company was formed and the vision of Eastlake was to create a community that has everything a family would ever need — schools, parks, stores, business centers — within a single area. Most importantly, the founders wanted to create a community that was safe, serene and supportive of healthy, happy living.

Eastlake has been voted San Diego's best new home community in The San Diego Union-Tribune reader's poll every year since 1997.

Eastlake is divided in 3 different HOA's Eastlake I and III manages by Walters Eastlake II is managed by First Service Residental. Each community has different amentinies from lakes to golf courses.

Eastlake III[edit]

Eastlake III is currently in crisis as two different groups of residents are challenging for majority control of the board. Current board president has delayed anunal elections since Feb 2016.

Coordinates: 32°39′35″N 116°58′44″W / 32.65972°N 116.97889°W / 32.65972; -116.97889