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An example of the Eastlake Style in Glendale, California.

The Eastlake Movement was an American nineteenth-century architectural and household design reform movement started by architect and writer Charles Eastlake (1836–1906). The movement is generally considered part of the late Victorian period in terms of broad antique furniture designations. In architecture the Eastlake Style or Eastlake architecture is part of the Queen Anne style of Victorian architecture.

His book Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery, and Other Details posited that furniture and decor in people's homes should be made by hand or machine workers who took personal pride in their work. Manufacturers in the United States used the drawings and ideas in the book to create mass-produced Eastlake Style or Cottage furniture.

The geometric ornaments, spindles, low relief carvings, and incised lines were designed to be affordable and easy to clean;[1] nevertheless, many of the designs which resulted are artistically complex.

Well-known Eastlake style houses[edit]

Two well-known Eastlake style houses in the Los Angeles area, in Echo Park and Angelino Heights, are both on Carroll Avenue. The first is at 1330 Carroll Avenue. It was used in Michael Jackson's Thriller music video, as well as in episodes of the television show Charmed, and was a focus set in the episode "Size Matters."[2]

The second house is at 1329 Carroll Avenue. The exterior of this house has been shown, in one way or another, in all 178 episodes of Charmed, through eight seasons, from 1999–2006. In the show the house was dubbed "Halliwell Manor". The house depicted in the show shares the same house number, 1329, but is on the fictional Prescott Street in San Francisco. This house is also depicted in the Sims video game, where it is a dollhouse.[3]

Chateau-sur-Mer, on Bellevue Avenue in Newport, Rhode Island, was altered and expanded during the gilded age to incorporate an Eastlake style billiard room and bedrooms.

Glenview Mansion, the John Bond Trevor Home, in Yonkers, completed in 1877. Glenview is now part of the Hudson River Museum and has six interpreted period rooms in the Eastlake style.[4]

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