The Westin Portland Harborview

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The Westin Portland Harborview
The entrance to the hotel when it operated as the Eastland Park Hotel, in November 2010
General information
Coordinates 43°39′17.5″N 70°15′51″W / 43.654861°N 70.26417°W / 43.654861; -70.26417Coordinates: 43°39′17.5″N 70°15′51″W / 43.654861°N 70.26417°W / 43.654861; -70.26417
Opening June 15, 1927
Design and construction
Architect Herbert W. Rhodes
Developer Henry P. Rines

The Westin Portland Harborview is a historic hotel in Portland, Maine, United States. It was designed by Portland architect Herbert W. Rhodes.[1][2][3] When it opened in 1927 as The Eastland, the hotel gained fame as the largest hotel in New England.[4] Aviator Charles Lindbergh stayed in it after returning from the solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1946, it gained notoriety again when it refused to allow former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt to stay with her dog for the night.[5]

In 1961 it was bought by the Dunfey family and soon after renamed the Sheraton-Eastland Motor Hotel. The hotel left Sheraton in 1974 and became the Eastland Motor Hotel. It was sold in 1980 and in 1983 was renamed the Sonesta Portland Hotel. It left Sonesta in January 1995 and was briefly renamed the Eastland Plaza Hotel, only to become the Radisson Eastland Hotel Portland six months later, in July 1995.[6] Following a 1997 sale of the property, the hotel left Radisson amid legal disputes[7] in December 1999 and was renamed the Eastland Hotel.[8] Following a foreclosure sale in 2000, its name was modified slightly to the Eastland Park Hotel.[9] It kept that name through a 2004 renovation until it closed in 2011. It was completely gutted and rebuilt[10] as a modern business hotel and reopened as The Westin Portland Harborview on December 12, 2013.[11]


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