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Eastman Army Camp is the name of an army surplus store in Walthamstow, London, United Kingdom. The initial aim of the enterprise was to provide army surplus and camping equipment. However, in 2004, because of high demand, the store started to provide body armour. In 2006, a report in the local press said that, because of safety concerns, local school children as young as 10 were asking to buy body armour from the store.[1] This story was taken up by BBC News and ITV News, and in The Daily Telegraph. [2] This publicity led to Eastman Army Camp receiving numerous security vest orders. It is now a well-known provider of security vests in London, even though the original aim of the store was to provide army and camping equipment.


The store was opened in 1999. Since then it has been providing a service to cadets, scouts, security guards, campers, construction workers and general members of the public.


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