Easton, Georgia

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Easton was a farming community located at the crossroads of Plaster Bridge Road (now Piedmont Road) and Monroe Drive, a location where today, three intown neighborhoods of Atlanta come together: Morningside-Lenox Park, Piedmont Heights and Ansley Park. Farmers took their cotton and corn to Walker's Mill, across from what is now Ansley Mall.

Some milestones in Easton's existence:[1]

  • 1876: train started stopping in Easton; from 1879-1931 the Airline Belle line ran between Atlanta Terminal Station and Toccoa, Georgia
  • 1888: population reaches 100
  • 1904: post office closes
  • 1911: development begins in Ansley Park and Virginia Highland
  • 1911: Plaster Bridge Road paved
  • 1917: Plaster Bridge Road is renamed Piedmont Road

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Coordinates: 33°47′49″N 84°22′08″W / 33.797°N 84.369°W / 33.797; -84.369