Easton Creek

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Easton Creek
A creek in Burlingame.jpeg
Easton Creek channel as it approaches the bay
Country United States
State California
Region San Mateo County
City Burlingame
 - location San Mateo County, California
 - elevation 29 ft (9 m)

Easton Creek is a short eastward-flowing stream whose watershed originates just east of Burlingame's foothills in San Mateo County, California, United States.[1] The creek runs south of the Mills Creek and north of the Sanchez Creek watercourses respectively.[1] The creek is predominantly with only small storm drained stretches through the hills and residential flatlands of the city. However towards the former marshlands adjacent the bay where it is culverted or channelized for nearly its entire length into San Francisco Bay through mudflats.[1]

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