Flag of Easton, Pennsylvania

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Easton Flag

The Easton Flag is a banner used to represent Easton, Pennsylvania.


The flag is designed differently from more common Flags of the United States in that it has 13 (8-pointed) stars in a blue field, with 13 stripes in the canton.[1]


According to local legend,[2] the flag was hoisted when the Declaration of Independence was publicly read in Easton, 8 July 1776.[3]

The flag was used as a company flag under Captain Abraham Horn in the War of 1812, and some suspect that the design may only date from this era.[4][nb 1] The flag was returned to the Easton library for safe-keeping when the company returned. The Easton Area Public Library still holds the flag.


  1. ^ It is worth noting that US flags of this era had 15 stars and 15 stripes.


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