Eastwood, Strathclyde

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Coordinates: 55°48′25″N 4°17′42″W / 55.807°N 4.295°W / 55.807; -4.295

Eastwood District, 1980.svg
Eastwood district within Scotland
 • 199460,600
 • Created1975
 • Abolished1996
 • Succeeded byEast Renfrewshire
GovernmentEastwood District Council
 • HQGiffnock

Eastwood (Scottish Gaelic: A' Choille an Ear, Scots: Eastwid) was a local government district in the Strathclyde region of Scotland from 1975 to 1996, lying south-west of the City of Glasgow.

Local Government[edit]

The district was named after the larger civil parish of Eastwood, itself named after a long-vanished woodland.[1] The Local Government district was formed from the area of the First District of the former county of Renfrewshire. It was one of nineteen local government districts in the Strathclyde region. The council's headquarters were at Giffnock. The Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 abolished all of the districts and regions. The area of Eastwood was merged with a few parts of the Renfrew District to form the East Renfrewshire unitary council area.

Electoral History[edit]

Election Control Administration
1974 Conservative Conservative
1977 Conservative Conservative
1980 Conservative Conservative
1984 Conservative Conservative
1988 Conservative Conservative
1992 Conservative Conservative

District result maps[edit]


The Eastwood Westminster constituency was created in 1983, and the Eastwood Holyrood constituency, with the same boundaries, in 1999.

The Westminster constituency was renamed East Renfrewshire in 2005. The Holyrood constituency retains its original name.

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