Eastwood Mall

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Eastwood Mall
The Eastwood Mall logo
Location Niles, Ohio/Warren, Ohio
Coordinates 41°12′52″N 80°44′58″W / 41.21444°N 80.74944°W / 41.21444; -80.74944Coordinates: 41°12′52″N 80°44′58″W / 41.21444°N 80.74944°W / 41.21444; -80.74944
Opening date 1969
Developer Cafaro Company
Management Warner Management Company
Owner Cafaro Company
No. of stores and services 200
No. of anchor tenants 6
Total retail floor area 1.6 million square feet
No. of floors 1, with partial upper levels (2 in JCPenney, and Macy's)
Website http://www.eastwoodmall.com/

The Eastwood Mall is an indoor shopping center in Niles, Ohio, United States, serving the Youngstown-Warren area. It contains over 200 stores and restaurants. Its anchor stores are JCPenney, Macy's, Sears, Target and Dillard's.

The Eastwood Mall as viewed from the south.


Eastwood Mall opened in 1969 with Sears, Strouss, Montgomery Ward, and Woolworth as anchors. It was the first mall to feature both Montgomery Ward and Sears.[1] The J.C. Penney wing was added in 1979.[2] Montgomery Ward closed in 1984, and its building was split among Gold's Gym (now a local gym), Toys "R" Us, and Carlisle's. After Carlisle's closed in 1994 and Toys "R" Us moved to a new store, those spaces both became Dillard's.[3][4][5][6] Target was added onto the mall in 2000.[7] Strouss became Kaufmann's in 1986, and Macy's in 2006.[8] A food court was added near Macy's in 2006. In late 2007, a 3-tank aquarium, known as the Equarium, was added to center court. In 2012, construction began on a Residence Inn by Marriott in the Dillard's wing.[9] In late 2016, Cafaro Management opened their main office on a new construction., along with a new Hampton Inn & Suites. In 2017, additional renovation of the mall's entrance features and interior occurred. [10] The Cafaro Company has now embarked on development of an adjacent 105 acres, named Enterprise Park at Eastwood. This new tract that will be connected to the existing mall property is envisioned as a mixed-use development that will include residential buildings along with office space for medical, educational, research, health care and other commercial activities.

Largest Mall Controversy[edit]

The Eastwood Mall reported 3,200,000 square feet (300,000 m2) of gross lease-able space to the ICSC[11] which included it in the list of largest shopping malls in the United States. However, the Directory of Major Malls reports that only 1.6 million of Gross Lease-able Space are enclosed within the mall property itself, making it currently ineligible for inclusion on the list of largest shopping malls in the United States based on total square feet of retail space. The greater square footage was reported because mall management included a separate strip mall, big-box stores and restaurants adjacent in the parking lot or on neighboring streets as part of the complex. Therefore, those areas were excluded as part of the criteria of a single distinct shopping mall.[12]


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