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EasyHDR screenshot.jpg
Developer(s)Bartłomiej Okonek
Stable release
3.11.1[1] / 9 December 2017
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows Mac OS X
TypeHigh dynamic range imaging

EasyHDR is photographic software developed by Bartłomiej Okonek for macOS[2] and Microsoft Windows since February 2006.

EasyHDR is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image processing software that merges differently exposed photographs into HDR radiance maps and tone maps them. The program is also capable of tone mapping single photographs, which is especially useful in case of developing raw images.[3][4]


EasyHDR comes with a wide list of features that are necessary for HDR image processing and raw development.

  • Lens correction (distortion and chromatic aberration) using the LensFun database
  • Image alignment (manual and automatic) compensating for shift, rotation, scale and perspective
  • HDR ghost effect removal
  • Noise filtering
  • Layers (masking with brushes and gradient tool)
  • Raw image format support with dcraw and LibRaw
  • Tone mapping presets
  • Batch processing
  • Undo/redo


There are two licensing options: Home for non-commercial use and Commercial when EasyHDR is used to make profit. In case of both options the program features are exactly the same.


EasyHDR is shipped with an Adobe Lightroom plug-in that allows exporting photos (original or pre-processed) from Lightroom to EasyHDR for processing and finally storing the output results into the Lightroom catalog.[5]

EasyHDR algorithms usage[edit]

The HDR generation and tone mapping algorithm is also used by FARO Scene LT point cloud viewing software [6].


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