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For the Kenyan radio station, see Easy FM (Kenya)

Easy FM is a radio station in Beijing, China on 91.5 FM It is a member of the China Radio International group of radio stations. The programs are mostly in English (some of them being bilingual), while the commercials are in Mandarin Chinese. Internet streaming is available.


Hourly English-language news bulletins are broadcast throughout the day.


The Easy FM brand was first used in the early 1990s for a single show that was transmitted over various stations throughout mainland China. The Joy FM show continues to operate in this manner. Easy FM's hours were subsequently expanded to become an independent station. It has also occasionally been broadcast over shortwave to fill gaps in CRI's international schedules. Some Easy FM programming is simulcast in Honolulu in the American state of Hawaii over KHCM-AM.


  • Paul James - The Beijing Hour
  • Shane Bigham - The Beijing Hour
  • Bob Jones - The Beijing Hour
  • Li Yuan, Fangzhou, Sookie, Zhong Qiu - Music Matters
  • Heyang, Ryan Price, Niu Honglin - Round Table
  • Nianxi, Beibei - Baby More to Learn
  • Liu Yan - E Minute
  • Mark Griffiths - Classic Sunday

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