Eat (film)

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Directed byAndy Warhol
StarringRobert Indiana
Release date
  • July 16, 1964 (1964-07-16)
Running time
45 minutes
CountryUnited States

Eat (1963) is a 45-minute underground film created by Andy Warhol and featuring painter Robert Indiana, filmed on Sunday, February 2, 1964 in Indiana's studio. The film was first shown by Jonas Mekas on July 16, 1964 at the Washington Square Gallery at 530 West Broadway.[1]

Eat is filmed in black-and-white film, has no soundtrack, and depicts fellow pop artist Indiana engaged in the process of eating for the entire length of the film. The comestible being consumed is apparently a mushroom. Finally, there is a brief appearance by a cat.

In 1964, La Monte Young provided a loud minimalist drone soundtrack to Eat when shown as small TV-sized projections at the entrance lobby to the third New York Film Festival held at Lincoln Center.[2]



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