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Eat Sleep Play Inc.
Industry Game development
Predecessor Incognito Entertainment
Founded 2007
Founder Scott Campbell
David Jaffe
Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Key people
Allen Greyson (CEO)
Products Twisted Metal

Eat Sleep Play, Inc. is an American video game developer, formed by Scott Campbell and David Jaffe, director of the Twisted Metal series and God of War. Eat Sleep Play entered into an exclusive platform deal with Sony requiring the completion of either three console/handheld games or three years of development time,[1] with plans to release its first original game in 2010. The first game released by Eat Sleep Play was a port of the PSP game Twisted Metal: Head On that was retitled as Twisted Metal Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition for PlayStation 2 and was not one of the three game console exclusive deal.

Following his work on Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica's God of War (PS2), Jaffe expressed his desire to focus on smaller-scale, more personal games. He and Scott Campbell then directed the PlayStation Network game Calling All Cars! (PS3), developed by Incognito.

The company is stationed in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The team is largely composed of original members of SingleTrac who made the first two Twisted Metal games.[2]

During E3 2010 David Jaffe announced the new Twisted Metal game that his team is working on at Eat Sleep Play. The announcement can be read over at the PlayStation Blog.

Since then, Eat Sleep Play has moved into mobile game development. In partnership with Zynga the companies have released Running With Friends and Looney Tunes Dash!.


Title Platform(s) Release date(s)
Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition PlayStation 2
  • NA February 5, 2008
Twisted Metal PlayStation 3
  • NA February 14, 2012
Running With Friends Apple iPhone, Android (as Stampede Run)[3]
  • NA May 8, 2013
Looney Tunes Dash! Apple iPhone, Android
  • NA Dec 17, 2014


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