Eater (Fear Itself)

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Fear Itself episode
Duane "Eater" Mellor leaning over Officer Danny Bannerman
Duane "Eater" Mellor leaning over Officer Danny Bannerman
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 5
Directed by Stuart Gordon
Written by Richard Chizmar
Johnathon Schaech
Peter Crowther (short story)
Original air date July 3, 2008
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"In Sickness and In Health"
Next →
"New Year's Day"
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Eater is the fifth episode of the NBC horror anthology Fear Itself, similar to the 2001 episode of the UK's Channel 5 Urban Gothic of the same name.[1] Both are based on the Peter Crowther short story of the same name.


Elisabeth Moss plays Officer Danny Bannerman, a "boot", or newly recruited police officer. Bannerman is part of a detail guarding Mellor, a Cajun serial killer and cannibal nicknamed "Eater” (because one of his crimes involved him torturing, butchering, and eating a young woman while she was still alive). As the night wears on, she begins to recognize that her all-male colleague's behavior is getting stranger by the minute and that they are being killed one-by-one. Bannerman later finds out that the “Eater” has been using black magic all along and that he was hoping to use it on her to make her free him and then kill her afterwards.

He gets his wish by having stolen Bannerman’s keys in an earlier confrontation between the two and he begins to hunt for Bannerman. Meanwhile, Bannerman is on the run and tries to look for an exit but they are all locked or blocked off. Instead she devises a plan, and, while hiding from the Mellor in a broom closet, she ingests rat poison and calls out to the “Eater”. As Bannerman and Mellor have an epic fight, she gets a pair of handcuffs on both of them. Mellor becomes enraged and begins to chow down on her. She manages to kill the “Eater” because she had ingested rat poison earlier and because of this, Mellor also gets poisoned and cries out in a fit of rage; “You killed me, bitch! You killed me!” and both Bannerman and Mellor die.

We can notice that agent Danny Bannerman was reading a magazine named " (Dance of the Dead)"


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