Eaton's / John Maryon Tower

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Eaton's / John Maryon Tower
General information
Status Never built
Type Office, Communications tower
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Antenna spire 2,250 ft (685.8 m)
Roof 1,650 ft (502.9 m)
Technical details
Floor count 140
Design and construction
Architect John Maryon & Partners Ltd.
Developer John Maryon

Eaton's / John Maryon Tower was a proposed supertall 140-storey office skyscraper, to be built in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 1971, Eaton's was to partner with a developer named John Maryon to build a 1,650-foot (500 m) tower in the College Park area of Downtown Toronto. With a 600-foot (180 m) communication mast added to the roof of the triangular glass office tower, the total proposed height was 2,250 feet (690 m). Plans for the tower were cancelled, because building a structure of this height was considered impossible at the time of its planning. This skyscraper was planned two years before the Willis Tower was completed, and five years before the CN Tower was completed. Had the tower been built, it would have been the world's tallest building until 2008, when the Burj Khalifa surpassed its planned height.

A tower at this site was not a new idea. In the late 1920s, Eaton's College Street (now called College Park) was proposed as a 38-storey tower. In 1978, a residential condo tower was built near College Park, followed by a 30-storey office tower in 1984. In January 2010, the final phase of a series of new condominiums near College Park started with the construction of Canada's tallest residential building (78 floors).[1]

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