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The Eatwell Plate is a pictorial summary of the main food groups and their recommended proportions for a healthy diet. It is the method for illustrating dietary advice by the Department of Health, issued officially by the government of the United Kingdom.[1][2]

A simplified chart of the original Eatwell Plate (which does not have a Wikipedia conform copyright)

The Eatwell Plate was previously known as The Balance of Good Health.[3]

The Eatwell Plate was superseded by the Eatwell Guide published on the 17th March 2016.[4]


The types of food are split into five categories:[5][6]

  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables (at least seven portions a day). 2-3
  • Plenty of potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and other starchy foods. 2-3
  • Some milk and dairy and/or calcium fortified soy milk. 2-3
  • Some meat, fish, eggs and/or non-dairy sources of protein (like beans and pulses). 2-3
  • Only a small amount of high fat/sugar foods. 1-2

There is also advice on limiting the salt intake, and drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water, or unsweetened beverages, per day, while avoiding soda pops and soft drinks high in sugar.

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