Eau Gallie Yacht Club

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Eau Gallie Yacht Club
Burgee of Eau Gallie YC.svg
Short name BucYC
Founded 1907[1]
Location 100 Datura Drive. Indian Harbour Beach, Florida  United States
Website www.egyachtclub.com
Eau Gallie Yacht Club sign 04.jpg

The Eau Gallie Yacht Club is a U.S. boating organization, located in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida with access to the Indian River. The original clubhouse is also a historic building. The club has 1,200 members.[2]


In 1907, a local group formed and launched the Eau Gallie Yacht Club with George F. Patterson as the first Commodore.[1] Others in the group included General John B. Castleman, Alexander Hodgson, the Gleasons[3] and the Rossetters.[1] In 1910, the Eau Gallie Yacht Club built a clubhouse along the Eau Gallie River.[4]

In 1936, the club was the venue for the International Moth Class Regatta.[4]

On May 29, 1942, members of the club rescued eight sailors whose ship had been torpedoed by a German U-boat.[5]

In 1960, the Eau Gallie Yacht Club moved to its current location in Indian Harbour Beach.[4] The Brevard Historical Commission considered the original clubhouse historical due to the influence of the organization on boating in the region and the architectural significance of the building.[6]

The 2001 US Sailing Team contained two club members.[7] The 2002 team had one member.[8]


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