Eazy-E's Protege

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Eazy-E's Protege
Eazy-E's Protege.jpg
Studio album by B.G. Knocc Out
Released August 1, 2011 (2011-08-01)
Recorded 2010-2011
Genre G-funk, West Coast hip hop, Gangsta rap
Length 67:00
Label Cycadelic Records
Producer Bayarea Cat, Chris Jenkins a.k.a. The Arsonist, Daniel Dukic, Dolla, Dreas Beats, Faided, Hoggbeatz, IceBerg, J Streets, Lowkeys.
B.G. Knocc Out chronology
Real Brothas
Eazy-E's Protege
Nutty by Nature
Singles from Eazy-E's Protege
  1. "N My Prime"
    Released: August 1, 2011

Eazy-E's Protege is the debut album by rapper B.G. Knocc Out, released in 2011 on the Cycadelic Records label. It is first solo album and his first commercial project since his release from prison in 2009. The title refers to the late Eazy-E.

All songs were engineered and recorded by IceBerg at HighDef Studios in the High Desert.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Producer Mixed by
1 I Rep Faided Chris Jenkins a.k.a. The Arsonist
2 N My Prime Chris Jenkins a.k.a. The Arsonist
3 Compton Chris Jenkins
4 Knocc Em Off Dreas Beats Dreas Beats
5 Top Of Da World Faided Chris Jenkins
6 Nothin' Daniel Dukic Chris Jenkins
7 Protect Me From My Friends Dreas Beats Dreas Beats
8 Menace Faided Chris Jenkins
9 Monsta J Streets Chris Jenkins
10 Sag Low Hoggbeatz Chris Jenkins
11 West West Faided Chris Jenkins
12 Freedom Lowkeys Chris Jenkins
13 Carried By 6 Faided IceBerg
14 It's All Good Dolla Chris Jenkins
15 Can't Chase You Faided Chris Jenkins
16 All Day Bayarea Cat Chris Jenkins

Featured artists include: Shadow, IceBerg, Kaboo, Yuni and Rook.