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Ebadollah S. Mahmoudian (born in 18 May 1943 in Zanjan, Iran) is a retired professor of Mathematics at the Mathematical Sciences Department of Sharif University of Technology.[1]

He received his Bachelor of Science in 1965 at University of Tehran and his Master in 1968 at Shiraz University. He got a master and a PhD degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1971 and 1975, respectively. His thesis advisor were Albert Nijenhuis and Herbert Wilf. He was a professor of Mathematics at the Mathematical Sciences Department of Sharif University of Technology since 1983.[1][2] He co-edited Combinatorics Advances.[3]

Mahmoodian has had contributions in graph theory, in particular graph colouring.[4] He has also worked on combinatorial designs, in particular, defining sets, and the relations between all those areas.[5] Mahmoudian is known for his research collaborations with Maryam Mirzakhani.


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