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Ebb and Flo is a British animated children's television series of 26 five-minute episodes. It aired on Five in the UK and on Noggin (now Nick Jr.) (part of Zee's Bookshelf), in the United States. Featuring the narration of Fiona Shaw, the show has been seen in over 100 territories worldwide. Ebb and Flo is based on a series of books by Jane Simmons. The show was directed and co-produced by Kate Canning of London-based Canning Factory with executive production by Genevieve Dexter. The series premiered on Monday, November 14, 2005.


The world of Ebb and Flo is seen through Ebb’s eyes and Ebb reveals all the emotions grown-ups usually try to hide.

5-year-old Flo does not think of Ebb as a dog, and Ebb doesn’t think of Flo as a child, they’re simply best friends. Life revolves around their home, a boat moored near the mouth of a sea estuary, the boatyard and the little dinghy in which they visit Flo’s Granny. She lives up a nearby creek and at her house in the wilderness, time seems to stand still.

As they play, they find there are so many things to discover and with the arrival of Bird (a large white goose), Ebb finds that some of life’s early lessons are tough to deal with. With Flo’s help though, and her own naughty humour, Ebb struggles through. But never far away, Ma keeps a watchful eye over them, but rarely intrudes on their life together with Bird as they make new friends in and around the boatyard.

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