Ebenezer Vining Bodwell

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Ebenezer Bodwell
Ebenezer Vining Bodwell
Ebenezer Vining Bodwell
Source: Library and Archives Canada
Born April 30, 1827 (1827-04-30)
Nissouri, Ontario, Upper Canada
Died October 18, 1889 (1889-10-19) (aged 62)
Morley, Alberta, Northwest Territories
Occupation Canadian politician

Ebenezer Vining Bodwell (April 30, 1827 – October 18, 1889) was an Ontario businessman and political figure. He represented Oxford South in the Canadian House of Commons as a Liberal member from 1867 to 1874.[1] His great-grandson, Garth Turner, is a former Canadian Member of Parliament and former cabinet minister.

He was born in Nissouri Township in Middlesex County, Upper Canada in 1827[1] and later moved to a farm in Dereham Township with his family. He studied at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Bodwell served as clerk and treasurer for the township,[2] later becoming a member of the township council, then reeve and later warden for Oxford County.[1] He married Esther D. Crandon.[3] After the death of George Skeffington Connor in 1863, he ran unsuccessfully in the South riding of Oxford; he was elected in 1867. In 1875, Bodwell was appointed superintendent for the Welland Canal and served until 1879, when he was named government accountant for the Canadian Pacific Railway and sent to British Columbia.[2] In 1887, he moved to Vancouver.[3] He was the second president of the Vancouver Board of Trade. Bodwell died at Morley, Northwest Territories in 1889.[2]


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