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Herdweg 72


Coordinates48°47′14″N 9°9′41″E / 48.78722°N 9.16139°E / 48.78722; 9.16139Coordinates: 48°47′14″N 9°9′41″E / 48.78722°N 9.16139°E / 48.78722; 9.16139
School typeGymnasium
StudiendirektorKarin Winkler
Teaching staff49
Enrollmentc. 400 (October 2006)

Eberhard-Ludwigs-Gymnasium is a gymnasium in Stuttgart established in 1686.


The school was established in 1686 as Gymnasium illustre (zu Stuttgart).[1] In 1881, during the reign of Charles I of Württemberg, because of overcrowding, the Karls-Gymnasium was established and took over 18 of its 39 classes. At this time, it changed its name to the current one after Eberhard Louis, Duke of Württemberg, who had been under age and under guardianship at the time of the school's foundation.


The first building in what is today, Gymnasiumstraße in Stuttgart, was built in 1686 and converted in 1840. A new building erected in 1903 in Holzgartenstraße was destroyed in 1944 during a nocturnal bomb attack on Stuttgart. The school was then accommodated in the buildings of the Zeppelin-Gymnasium until the new buildings on the site of the former villa of Ferdinand von Zeppelin at Herdweg 72 had been completed in 1957.

The new building was developed by a team led by the architect Hans Bregler, a former pupil who had completed his abitur in 1941. This building became heritage protected because of its prize-winning architecture (Paul Bonatz Prize 1959).

Principals from 1920[edit]

  • Dr. Herrmann Binder (1920-1944)
  • Rudolf Griesinger (1947-1950)
  • Walter Sontheimer (1950-1957)
  • Walter Haussmann (1958-1973)
  • Dr. Frank Weidauer (1974-1989)
  • Peter Mommsen (1990-2002)
  • Ulrich Kernen (2002-2010)
  • Karin Winkler (since 2010)

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