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Eberhard Mock is a fictional character in a series of novels by Marek Krajewski. He was introduced in the 1999 novel Death in Breslau.[1] He appears in 10 other novels, with the series ending with 2007's Plague in Breslau. He is a detective and counsellor of the police department in Breslau. A graduate of a classical college and once a student at the faculty of Classical Studies of the local university, Mock is also a typical protagonist of hardboiled crime fiction: often brutal, inclined towards fatalism, alcohol and violence.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Mock was born in Waldenburg in Silesia in 1883, to humble shoemaker Willibald Mock. After graduating from a local gymnasium, Mock matriculated at the University of Breslau, but did not graduate. Instead he joined the police force and quickly advanced through its ranks, partially due to protection from the local masonic lodge. Mock remained in service until the very end of the Siege of Breslau in 1945, after which he reappeared in the German Democratic Republic in 1950 only to escape to the United States shortly afterwards. He died in 1960 from lung cancer in New York.


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