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Eberhard Schoener (born May 13, 1938, Stuttgart) is a German musician, composer, conductor, and arranger. His activities combine many styles and formats. Originally a classical violinist and conductor of chamber music and opera, he was one of the early adopters and popularizers of the Moog synthesizer in Europe. In the 1970s he traveled to Indonesia and incorporated musical elements from Asia into his own work.[1] He has collaborated with rock musicians such as Jon Lord and The Police. He has composed film scores, videos, music for television, and an opera to be broadcast via the Internet.[2] He has won numerous awards, including the 1975 Schwabing Art Prize for music, the 1992 Bambi Award for creativity and a lifetime achievement award at the Soundtrack Cologne Festival of Music and Sound in Film and the Media in November, 2014.[3][4][5]

Career Highlights[6][edit]

  • 1958 Studies Violin at the Academy of Music in Detmold (Nordwestdeutsche Musikakademie) under Professor Tibor Varga, chorister under Professor Eugen Pabst
  • 1959 Scholarship at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena, conducting class under Sergiu Celibidache and chamber music under Quintetto Chiagiano
  • 1960 First violin at the Bavarian State Opera House
  • 1961 Foundation of the Munich Juvenile Symphony Orchester, known across the borders as "The Young Orchestra (Das junge Orchester)" in the ARD TV-series.
  • 1964 Musical supervisor of the Bavarian Opera until 1968
  • 1965 Foundation of the Munich Chamber Opera and since the artistic supervisor and conductor. Amongst others he conducted annual opera and concert performances at the Brunnenhof (Fountain-Courtyard) at the Residence Castle in Munich
  • 1972 "Gianni Schicchi" by Giacomo Puccini as a public performance at the Olympic Games in Munich.
  • 1973 The chamber opera "La Zingara" for German public television (ZDF)
  • 1974 Collaborates with Jon Lord of Deep Purple on Windows and performance is televised also featuring David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, and Pete York
  • 1974 The opera "The Chief of the Theatre (Der Schauspieldirektor)" by W.A. Mozart music supervision and directed for television, starring Peter Ustinov as well as "The Bandmaster (Der Kapellmeister)" by Cimarosa. Both were published as a record through EMI-Classic.
  • 1975 Conducts Hungarian Philharmonic for Sarabande album by Jon Lord of Deep Purple
  • 1977 The fragment of an opera "Shakuntala" by Franz Schubert for the International Dance Theatre for German public television (ZDF).
  • 1987 "Pop-Stars perform Brecht/Weill": A concert at the Theatre of Hamburg recorded for television (NDR) featuring Sting, Gianna Nannini and Jack Bruce.
  • 1989 Third music-festival on the Island Elba with the performance of the opera "Mozart & Salieri".


Date Award
1975 Schwabing Art Award for Music
1977 Nominated for the German Album Award
1977 Ministry of the Interior Award for the Script

"Rita or the Goldopera"

1992 BAMBI for Creativity
1993 TELESTAR of German Television


Album Release date Notes
The Box 1969
Destruction of Harmony 1971 Electronic Music based on Bach
A Day's Lullaby 1971
Meditation 1973
Windows 1974 Collaboration with Jon Lord of Deep Purple, performed on live TV and released as album
Sarabande 1975 Conducts Hungarian Philharmonic for solo album by Jon Lord of Deep Purple
Bali Agúng 1975
Music from Bali 1976
Bastien and Bastienne 1976
The Playwright Director 1976
Trance-Formation 1977
The Book 1977
Flashback 1978
Video Magic 1978
Video Flashback 1979 Compilation: 5 tracks from 'Video Magic', and 2 each from 'Trance-Formation' and 'Flashback'
Events 1980
Video Magic 1981 Compilation with same name as 1978 album: 4 tracks from that, plus 1 track from 'Trance-Formation', and 4 from 'Flashback'
Time Square 1981
Eberhard Schoener with Sting, Andy Summers & Stewart Copeland of The Police 1981 Another compilation: 5 tracks from 'Flashback' and 2 from 'Video Magic'
Complicated Ladies 1982
Spurensicherung 1983
Sky Music / Mountain Music 1984
1985 Track Securing 1985
Eberhard Schoener System 1985
Eberhard Schoener / Sting / Andy Summers 1986 Yet another compilation - As 1978 'Video Magic' except 1 track is replaced with 1 from 'Flashback'
Bon Voyage 1986
Video Flashback 1988
The Heritage of the Guldenbergs 1989
Eberhard Schoener, Sting, Andy Summers 1986
Bali Symphony - Trance Mission 1991
Why Don't You Answer 1992
Harmonia Mundi 1993
Time Cycle 1994
Palazzo dell'Amore / Cold Genius 1996
Film Music "Derrick" 1998
Hey Mr. Gentleman 1998
Potsdamer Platz - Heart of Berlin 1988
Namaste-Puja 1999
Eberhard Schoener And Friends - crossing times and continents 2006 Compilation/Re-working (1977–2006)


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