Ebira language

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Native toNigeria
RegionKogi state, Nassarawa state, Edo state
Native speakers
(1 million cited 1989)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3igb

Ebira (also known as Igbira, Okpoto, Okene[3]) is a Niger-Congo language. It is spoken by around a million people in Kogi State, North central Nigeria. It is the most divergent Nupoid language.[3]


Varieties of Ebira are:[3]

  • Okene dialect, the main prestige dialect used in media and publishing. It is spoken to the west of the Niger-Benue confluence
  • Koto (Okpoto) dialect, spoken to the northeast of the Niger-Benue confluence. It is known only from a wordlist in Sterk (1978a).

Blench (2019) lists Okene, Etuno (Tụnọ), and Koto.[4]


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