Ebisu Circuit

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Ebisu Circuit
Ebisu Circuit East 002.JPG
East Course at the Ebisu Circuit
Location1 Sawamatsukura, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Time zoneGMT +9
Coordinates37°38′39″N 140°22′20″E / 37.644224°N 140.372278°E / 37.644224; 140.372278Coordinates: 37°38′39″N 140°22′20″E / 37.644224°N 140.372278°E / 37.644224; 140.372278
OwnerNobushige Kumakubo
Major eventsD1 Grand Prix, Formula Drift Japan, drifting, karting, motorcycling, FJ1600
East Course (main)
Length2.061 km (1.281 mi)
West Course
Length2.103 km
South Course
Length1.200 km
North Course
Length1.155 km
New Touge Course

Ebisu Circuit (エビスサーキット) is a motorsport racing complex located in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.


The Ebisu Circuit complex features 7 individual tracks plus 2 skid pad type circuits. The circuits are, Nishi (West), Kita (North), Higashi (East), Minami (South) as well as Drift Land, the School Course, The Touge (mountain pass) and 'KuruKuru Land' which are the skidpans. The most famous circuit is the Minami or South course which is used for D1 Grand Prix and other drifting events. The Higashi or East circuit features a 420-meter-long main straight with 20 ground-floor pit garages and is used mainly for grip events.[1]

Ebisu Circuit was designed and built by drift driver Nobushige Kumakubo, and is one of the premier drifting-based race tracks in the world.[2] However, Nobushige also holds other non-drifting motorsport events at Ebisu including motorcycle races, karting, endurance races, FJ1600 open-wheel car races, and in previous years events like "Big-X".[3][4] The complex also has a Safari park.


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