Ebony Ayes

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Ebony Ayes
Born (1962-01-28) January 28, 1962 (age 53)
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Other names Ebony Ayers, Ebony Eyes, Cocoa, Taffy[1]
Ethnicity African American
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
No. of adult films 178[1]

Ebony Ayes is an American former adult model and pornographic actress. With Jeannie Pepper and Heather Hunter, Ayes was among the first African-American women to "cross over" into mainstream porn video.[2]



Ayes began her film career in 1985. From 1987 to 1989, the period during which she was most active, Ayes made more than 110 original films — 56 in 1988 alone — but by the early 1990s she was appearing in fewer than 5 films a year. Ayes' last sexual performance in an original film was in 1994.

Most of Ayes' films could be categorized as either black-themed, interracial, or big bust.

Modeling career[edit]

Beside her film appearances, Ayes was a model in men's magazines. She was especially popular in magazines featuring large-breasted women, such as D-Cup, Score, and Juggs. Ayes was also featured in magazines that cater to Black men, such as Players and Black Tail.

During the mid-1990s, Ayes wrote a column, "Sex Talk with Ebony Ayes" for Black Tail.[3]

Later work[edit]

After her retirement from adult films, Ayes worked as a dominatrix in Atlanta, Georgia.[4] She also performed occasionally as a dancer at strip clubs on the East Coast of the United States.[5]

Ayes retired from the adult entertainment industry during the early 2000s.


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