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Ebony L. Haynes is an arts writer and curator based in New York City. Her curatorial efforts combine historical investigations with contemporary art practice.

Hayes worked as a gallery director Martos Gallery and associate director and artist liaison at Mitchell-Innes & Nash and associate director of Foxy Production.[1][2] She is an alumna of OCAD University.[2]

The New York Times cites her inaugural exhibition at Martos' chinatown gallery,[3] based upon the writings of black authors, Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, and Octavia Butler’s Bloodchild.[4] Hyperallergic references "the histories embedded in utilitarian objects" to the intimacy of embodied experience as evidenced in the work of the participating artists Torkwase Dyson, Kayode Ojo, Pope.L, and Jessica Vaughn.[5] This exhibition demonstrates "how to show work in a way that includes but is not limited to its makers’ blackness" as noted by The New York Times. [6] Another exhibition focused upon Freudian subject matter, "Freud's Mouth," (Cooper Cole, Toronto, Canada).[7]


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