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Ebony Maw
Ebony Maw.jpg
Ebony Maw on a textless variant cover of Infinity #6 (January 2014).
Art by In-Hyuk Lee.
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceCameo: New Avengers #8 (September 2013)
Full appearance: Infinity #1 (October 2013)
Created byJonathan Hickman
Mike Deodato
In-story information
Team affiliationsBlack Order
  • Genius-level intellect
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Mind control
  • Flight

Ebony Maw is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is a prominent member of the Black Order, a team of aliens who work for the titan Thanos.

Ebony Maw appears as one of the Children of Thanos in the film Avengers: Infinity War (2018), where he is portrayed by Tom Vaughan-Lawlor.

Publication history[edit]

Ebony Maw first appears in a one panel cameo New Avengers #8 and was created by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato. His second one panel appearance came later that month in Infinity #1.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Ebony Maw was a member of Thanos' Black Order. He is not a fighter, but a dangerous thinker of the Black Order. When Thanos targeted Earth as the next planet he would raze during the Infinity storyline, Ebony Maw was dispatched to deal with Doctor Strange.[1]

Ebony Maw used his abilities to gain control over Doctor Strange and forced him to summon Shuma-Gorath.[2] Then Ebony Maw used his abilities to have Doctor Strange serve as a double-agent for him when he reunited with the Illuminati. When the Illuminati headed to numerous locations around the world to find Thanos' son Thane, Doctor Strange found the boy in a hidden Inhuman city of Orollan (which is located in Greenland). Ebony remained in the location and forced Doctor Strange to forget about the discovery and to leave where he is now freed from Maw's control.[3]

When Black Bolt detonated a Terrigen Bomb which unleashed the Terrigen Mists upon the entire face of Earth, Thanos' son Thane underwent Terrigenesis. The manifestation of his powers annihilated the entire town.[4] Posing as an ally following the incident, Ebony Maw offered Thane a suit to control his powers, but also captured him in a containment field followed by Ebony Maw alerting Thanos to the location of his son.[5] When the Avengers arrived in Orollan in order to defeat Thanos, Ebony Maw tested Thane by freeing him. Thane could escape or could fight Thanos and become what he had avoided his entire life. Thane agreed and embraced his true nature as the son of Thanos by fighting his father. Using the power of his right hand, Thane trapped Thanos and his ally Proxima Midnight in an amber construct which left them in a state of "living death." Upon the defeat of Thanos, Ebony Maw started disciplining Thane into becoming something greater than Thanos and greater than any one would.[6]

During the "No Surrender" arc, Ebony Maw appears as a member of Challenger's Black Order where he pits them in a contest against Grandmaster's Lethal Legion.[7]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Ebony Maw has genius-level intellect. He mostly demonstrates his intelligence with his highly skilled abilities of manipulation being described as a "black tongue that spreads mischief and evil wherever he goes." Ebony Maw’s skills at manipulation are a result of his superhumanly persuasive voice which allows him to control even the strongest minds such as Doctor Strange.

He also uses technology that specializes in teleportation and force field generation.

In other media[edit]


Ebony Maw appears in Avengers: Infinity War, voiced and motion-captured by Tom Vaughan-Lawlor.[8][9][10] This version of the character has telekinetic powers and acts as Thanos' herald, characterized by a speech to "hear and rejoice" about Thanos' intentions he recites whenever they arrive at a location. Upon arriving on New York with Cull Obsidian, Maw battles with the Avengers and manages to overpower and capture Doctor Strange to retrieve the Time Stone from him. While Cull is defeated, Maw leaves with Strange taking him aboard the Q-ship and tortures him in an attempt to have him give up the stone. However Tony Stark and Peter Parker, who snuck aboard the ship, come to rescue Strange. After a brief confrontation, the two distract Maw and blast a hole on the side of the ship, causing an explosive decompression that blows Maw outside, leaving him to die in the vacuum of space.


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