Ebrahim Afshar

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Coin minted during the reign of Ebrahim Shah.

Ibrahim Mirza or Ebrahim Shah Afshar (Persian: ابراهیم‌شاه‎‎) (died 1749) was the Shah of Persia during the Afsharid Empire from July to September 1748. He was Adil Shah's brother and Nader Shah's nephew. He toppled his brother in order to seize the power, and he blinded him on July 6, 1748. However, two months later his own troops rebelled against him. He was slain on 24 September, ending his short reign. Ebrahim was succeeded by Nader's grandson, Shahrokh Mirza, who was elected by the nobles to ascend to the throne.

Preceded by
Adil Shah Afshar
Shah of Persia
July 6, 1748 – September 24, 1748
Succeeded by
Shahrokh Shah