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1962 map showing Ebute Metta in the south.
A house in Ebute Metta.

Ebute Metta is a neighbourhood of Lagos Mainland, Lagos, in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Ebute Metta Sign-post


Ebute Metta is a Yoruba word for a place known as three shores.[1] Ebute means shore and meta means three.


Ebute Metta is known for the production and sale of local food and cloths. It is a very old part of Lagos, many of its houses were built during the colonial era, using Brazilian architecture. The area includes the St Jude's church and school, African Salem church/school, and the Salvation Army church. The imposing Lisabi Hall leads to the Okobaba area with its lagoon background.


Ebute Metta has a number of notable buildings including the Nigerian Railway Corporation headquarters, post offices, St Paul's Catholic Church, the Oyingbo market, a major bus terminal, Foucos Secondary School (a school built by the former minister for education), St. Saviour's School,[2] Junior Strides Academy, Ajayi Memorial Hospital, Ebute Metta Health Centre,[3][4] and shops of all types. Ebute Metta is divided into two main areas: East and West.


Ebute Metta is a main access route linking mainland Lagos to the three main islands of Victoria, Ikoyi and Lagos Island. A major network of fly overs and access roads connects these various parts of Lagos as you drive through the Iddo peninsula.


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Coordinates: 6°28′20″N 3°22′50″E / 6.47222°N 3.38056°E / 6.47222; 3.38056

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