Ecce bombo

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Ecce bombo
Ecce bombo p.jpg
Directed by Nanni Moretti
Produced by Mario Gallo
Enzo Giulioli
Written by Nanni Moretti
Starring Nanni Moretti
Fabio Traversa
Luisa Rossi
Music by Franco Piersanti
Cinematography Giuseppe Pinori
Edited by Enzo Meniconi
Release date
  • 8 March 1978 (1978-03-08)
Running time
103 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Ecce Bombo is a 1978 Italian comedy film, written, starring and directed by Nanni Moretti. It was filmed in 16 mm but released in 35 mm. It was Moretti's first commercial success.


Michele Apicella, Goffredo, Mirko and Vito are four friends who have participated in the battles of the student in Sixties. Now in the Seventies, the four friends don't know what to do, though young and with so many possibilities to find a job in life. Intellectuals marginalized and misunderstood, the four friends find themselves when they can in a restaurant to discuss their outlandish theories. A girl named Olga disrupts their life, but Michele is his favorite, although he does not know what to do with the girls.




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