Ecem Güzel

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Ecem Güzel
Personal information
Born (1995-02-23) 23 February 1995 (age 25)
Pendik, Istanbul, Turkey
Sailing career
Class(es)Laser Radial

Ecem Güzel (born 23 February 1995) is a Turkish sailor, who specialized in the Laser Radial class. She is a member of the Galatasaray Sailing. She is qualified to compete at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games for Turkey.

Private life[edit]

Ecem Güzel was born in Pendik, Istanbul, Turkey on 23 February 1995.[1][2] Her mother, Alev Özdinçer, is a financial adviser, who acts also as a sailing referee.[3] Güzel grew up in Bodrum.[4]

She is a student of Sports Administration at Marmara University.[4]

Sports career[edit]

During a summer vacation in Bodrum, Turkish Riviera, Güzel, then ten years old, became interested in sailing. She learned that "Optimist" is a boat class. She attended a sailing course. Her mother Alev Özdinçer had to take out bank loan to cover the training expenses of her daughter.[5] She started sailing in the Optimist class due to her young age.[6][7] She gained experience in the club "Era Yachting Bodrum".[4]

Turgutreis Belediyespor

She joined "Turgutreis Belediyespor",[5] a local club in Bodrum, and started to compete there in 2009.[6][7][8]She chose Laser Radial class as it is included in Olympic sports.[6] She debuted internationally at the 2009 Laser Europa Cup held in Scarlino, Italy, [, being her second or third regatta at all.[6][8]

Galatasaray Sailing

Taking notice of her devoutness at international competitions, the Istanbul-based club Galatasaray Sailing transferred her from Bodrum in 2013.[4][9]

In 2013, she became silver medalist at the 46th Balkan Sailing Championship held in Ohrid, North Macedonia.[10] She placed second at the Athens Eurolymp Week in March 2014.[9] In July the same year, she took the 9th rank at the Laser Standard & Radial - European Youth Championship in Nago–Torbole, Italy and in August , she ranked sixth at the Laser Radial & Standard - U21 World Championship in Douarnenez, France.[11] She won the gold medal in the Laser Radial class at the 47th Balkan Sailing Championship in Constanța, Romania in September 2014.[12] In December 2014, Güzel placed seventh at the ISAF Sailing World Cup Melbourne in Australia.[9] In September 2016, she captured the gold medal at the 49th Balkan and Open Sailing Championship in Greece.[13] At the 2017 Laser Radial World Championships in Medemblik, Netherlands, she placed only 37th.[14] She ranked eighth at the 2018 Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, Spain.[1]

Although she was not successful at the 2018 Sailing World Championships in Aarhus, Denmark,[6] her 10th place at the 2019 Women's Laser Radial World Championship held in 2Sakaiminato, Japan enabled her the qualification to compete at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games for Turkey.[15][16][17] She took the bronze medal in the Laser Radial class at the Coaches-Pre-WM-Regatta competition held in Melbourne, Australia.[18][19] At the 2020 Women's Laser Radial World Championship in Melbourne, she placed 29th.[20]

The Turk-Nippon Insurance Company announced that, it will sponsor Güzel for the Olympics.[7]


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