Echelmeyer Ice Stream

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Echelmeyer Ice Stream
Map showing the location of Echelmeyer Ice Stream
Map showing the location of Echelmeyer Ice Stream
Location of Echelmeyer Ice Stream in Antarctica
Location Oates Land
Coordinates 79°10′S 150°00′W / 79.167°S 150.000°W / -79.167; -150.000
Thickness unknown
Terminus Ross Ice Shelf
Status unknown

The Echelmeyer Ice Stream (79°10′S 150°00′W / 79.167°S 150.000°W / -79.167; -150.000Coordinates: 79°10′S 150°00′W / 79.167°S 150.000°W / -79.167; -150.000), formerly known as Ice Stream F, is a glaciological feature of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. It is an ice stream flowing west to the Shirase Coast to the north of the MacAyeal Ice Stream, and is one of several major ice streams draining from Marie Byrd Land into the Ross Ice Shelf. The ice streams were investigated and mapped by U.S. Antarctic Research Program personnel in a number of field seasons from 1983–84 and originally named Ice Stream A, B, C, etc., according to their position from south to north.[1]

The name was changed from Ice Stream F by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names in 2002 to honor Dr. Keith A. Echelmeyer of the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, who studied the flow of Marie Byrd Land ice streams, 1992–93 and 1994–95, as well as the fast flow of surging glaciers in Alaska and Greenland.[1] Dr. Echelmeyer was a student of Barclay Kamb for whom Kamb Ice Stream is named.

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 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Echelmeyer Ice Stream" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).