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Echelon may refer to:

  • A level formation
    • A level or rank in an organization, profession, or society
    • Echelon formation, a step-like arrangement of units
  • ECHELON, a worldwide electronic intelligence-gathering operation, within the UKUSA Agreement, mainly for industry espionage




Computer and video games[edit]

  • Echelon (video game), 2001 flight simulator game published by Buka Entertainment
  • Echelon, 1998 strategy game, published by Midas Interactive Entertainment BV
  • Echelon (1987 video game), 1987 space flight simulator game, published and developed by Access Software, Inc
  • Echelon (warez), a game console warez organization


  • Echelon Place, a former project by Boyd Gaming resort, unfinished site sold to Resorts World
  • Echelon Mall, old name of Voorhees Town Center
  • Echelon Corporation, a United States corporation, self-identified as a pioneer in control networks, creators of the LonWorks distributed control platform
  • Echelon Management & Co, Music artist management company

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