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Acanthocephalus parallelcementglandatus and Pseudoacanthocephalus coniformis Amin, Heckmann & Hà, 2014[1]
Scientific classification

Cobbold, 1879

Echinorhynchidae is a family of acanthocephalan parasitic worms from the order Echinorhynchida. The adult worms live in the intestines of fishes, amphibians and reptiles. The family contains the following genera, organised by subfamily.[2]

In 2019, Kvach & de Buron added to the family a new species, Harpagorhynchus golvaneuzeti, which represents a new genus, Harpagorhynchus and a new subfamily, the Harpagorhynchinae.[3] The specific epithet refers to two famous French parasitologists, Yves-Jean Golvan and Louis Euzet.[3]


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