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Temporal range: Sinemurian, [1] 196.5– 189.6 Ma
Echioceratidae - Echioceras raricostatum.JPG
Fossil shells of Echioceras raricostatum from Pierreclos (France), on display at Galerie de paléontologie et d'anatomie comparée in Paris
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Cephalopoda
Subclass: Ammonoidea
Order: Ammonitida
Family: Echioceratidae
Genus: Echioceras
Bayle, 1878

Echioceras is an extinct genus of ammonites from the Early Jurassic of Europe and North America.

Selected species[edit]

  • Echioceras raricostatum
  • Echioceras fastigiatum


Shell of Echioceras species can reach a diameter of about 4–6 centimetres (1.6–2.4 in).. The narrow and broad evolute shell is reinforced by fine ribs on inner whorls, progressively becoming stronger, straight and distinct.


Fossils of species within this genus have been found in the Jurassic rocks of Canada, Hong Kong, Turkey and United Kingdom. [2]


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