Echizen-Fuchū Castle

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Fuchū Castle (府中城, Fuchū-jō?) was a flatland castle located in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. The castle ruins are located beneath the city hall of Echizen.


During the Sengoku period, Echizen province was ruled by the Daimyo Asakura until Oda Nobunaga invaded and conquered the province. Afterwards, three castles were built in Echizen by the "Fuchū Three" -- Fuwa Mitsuharu, Sassa Narimasa, and Maeda Toshiie. Fuchū Castle was built in 1575 and was held by Maeda Toshiie.


Coordinates: 35°54′13″N 136°10′08″E / 35.903550°N 136.168842°E / 35.903550; 136.168842